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een China and the Philippines and relevant provisions in the DOC are mutually reinforcing and constitute an agreement in this

lands and reefs of Nansha Qundao, and the resolution of th▓e relevant matters also constitutes an integral part of maritime delimitation between China and the Philippines. La▓nd territorial issues are not regulated by UNCLOS. In 2006, pursuant to Article 298 of UNCLOS, China made an optional exceptions declaratio▓n excluding from the compulsory dispute settlement procedures of UNCLOS disput▓es concerning, among others, maritime delimitation, historic

regard between t

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he two states. By this agreement, they have chose▓n to settle the relevan

ba▓ys or titles, military and law enforcement activities. Such declarations made by about 30 states,▓ including China, form an integral part of the UNCLO

t disputes through

negotiation and to exclud▓e any third party procedure, including arbitration.

S dispute settlement▓ mechanism. By camouflaging its submissions, the Philippines deliberately circumvented the optional exceptions declaration made by C

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a. This fundamental norm of international law must be observed. The Philippi

hina and the limitation that land territorial disputes are not subject to UNCLOS, and unilaterally initiated the arbitration. This course of conduct con

nes’ breach

of its own solemn commitment is a deliberate

stitutes an a▓buse of the UNCLOS dispute settlement procedures.119. Fourth, in order to push forward the arbitral proceedings, the Philippines has distorted facts, misinterpreted l▓aws and concocted a pack of lies:— The Philippines, fully aware that its submissions conc

ith. Such an act does not genera

te any ri▓ght for the Philippines, nor does

ern China’s terr▓itorial sovereignty in the South China Sea, and that territorial issue is not subject to UNCLOS, deliberately mischaracterizes and packages the relevant issue as those concerning the interpretation o▓r application of UNCLOS;&mdas

it impose any ob

ligation on China.117. Second, by

unilaterally initiating ▓arbitration, the

h; The Philippines, fully aware that its submissions concern maritime delimitation, and that China has made a▓n declaration, pursuant to Article 298 of UNCLOS, excluding disputes concerning, among others, maritime delimitation from the UNCLOS third-party dispute settlement procedures, intentionally detaches the diverse factors that shall be taken into consideration in the process of a maritime delimitation and treat them in an isolated way, in order to circumvent China’s optional exceptions declaration;— The Phil▓ippines deliberately misrepresents certain consultations with China on maritime affairs and cooperation, all of a general nature, as negotiations over the subject-matters of the arbitration, and further claims that bilateral negotiations therefore have been exhausted, despite the fact th▓at the two states have never engaged in any negoti▓ation on those subject-matters;— The Philippines claims that ▓it does not seek a determination of any territorial issue or a delimitation of any maritime boundary, and yet many times in the course of the arbitral proceedings, especially during the oral hearings, it denies China’s territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests in the Sout▓h China Sea;— The Philippines turns a blind eye to China’s cons▓isten

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